The Cyber Security Club of
Queensland University of Technology

Cyber warfare is happening 24/7.
This map shows the battlefield on any given day.

The global cyber security workforce gap is set to hit 1.8 million by 2022 and is one of the few occupations with zero unemployment in Australia.

Craig Davies, the CEO of the Australian Cyber Security Network, said recently the demand for skills in the sector is outpacing anyone’s ability to produce skilled candidates.

The QUT Hacking and Technology Society (the “QUT White Hats”) believes that students should be able to learn and practice security in their first years of university – regardless of their discipline – because cyber security is becoming an increasingly large threat to every industry.

By upskilling more of our fellow students,
we will make Australia safer.

Explore cyber security
(without being a computer scientist).

What we do

The purpose of the club is to train students to become ethical security experts so they can help fill the extremely large gap in the cyber security job market.

Our goals for 2020:

The team: